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Selected Press for THEPRESENT

ARTINFO “The anti-anxiety device"

ADWEEK “Thrift’s idea is an ambitious one.”

COOLHUNTING “One of the most zen clocks we’ve seen.”

SWISS MISS “More awareness of the present, less hurry. Life’s a gift.”

Techcrunch “ThePresent is half art project, half meditation on time.”

TED “Thrift redefines time, using tech not to speed things up, but to be more present more often."

PSFK “ThePresent allows us to reorient our attention, freeing up time for contemplation and enjoyment."

WIRED “A holistic, gorgeous view of time, that will help the time-crunched put things into perspective.”

Houghton, Harcourt and Mifflin ThePresent was published in ‘Best American Infographics of 2014’